Other Dueling Questions (Version 2.6)

There are a plethora of questions that relate to dueling and to keep the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ) even somewhat manageable I had to edit it such that it contained only the most important selection of questions.  The "other" questions are put in this document.  I'd like to thank Michael Owen whose work in archiving of all the ADQ&A's helped tremendously in making this document.  The most current document can be found at the Madhat website at http://cwhnj.com/madhat/gaming/carwars/misc/odq.htm or at the SWAT website at http://www.serv.net/~owenmp/swathome.html.  (And hopefully soon at http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/odq.html.)  The CWRQ can be found at http://cwhnj.com/madhat/gaming/carwars/misc/cwrq.htm and on at the SWAT webpage at http://www.serv.net/~owenmp/swathome.html.  (Currently, an older version is on the Steve Jackson Games Web site at http://www.sjgames.com/car-wars/cwrq.html.)


Vehicle Construction
 General questions     1
 Power Plant questions    2
 Armor questions     3
 Weapon questions     3
 Accessory questions     4
 Trike and cycle questions    5

Combat Questions
 Dropped weapon questions    6
 Direct fire questions     8
 Other combat questions    11

Fire Questions      13

Movement/Handling Questions    14

Vehicle Construction (General)

In what order are the tire modifications made?
The order of tire modifications:
A. Take a tire (std, HD, PR or solid)
B. Steelbelt it, if desired (+50% cost, +50% weight, +25% DP)
C. Add ONE handling modification, if desired, using the stats resolved in step B:
C1. Radial (+150% cost, +20% weight, -1 DP)
C2. Off-Road (+20% cost, +5 1bs weight, no DP change)
C3. Racing Slick (+300% cost, +l00% weight, +1 DP)
D. Fireproof it (+l00% cost after step C)
E. Put it on a cycle or trike (-50% weight after step C)

How exactly do the body modifications work?
Here's how to get your custom body put together.
A. Get a vehicle body.
B. Make it a carbon-aluminum frame, if desired.
Cost = +300%, Weight = -50%
C. Take your favorite chassis and suspension modifications based on the price found in step B. Add $100 to the chassis cost if the chassis is 6-wheeled.
D. Streamline it based again on the price in step B.  Streamlining combined with armor sloping only reduces space by 15%, not 20% (reducing separately standard spaces by 15% and cargo spaces by 15%).  The spaces remaining after streamlining and/or armor sloping is the space value used for determining the third-spaces limit.  Note that the formulas below only list the space cost for armor sloping when combined with streamlining.  The armor sloping must still be purchased, dependent on the quantity and type of armor.
Cost (Streamlining) = +50%, Weight unchanged, Spaces = -10%
Cost (Streamlining) = 1.5x, Weight = 1x, Spaces = 0.90x
Cost (Streamlining + Armor Sloping) = +50%, Weight unchanged, Spaces = -15%
Cost (Streamlining + Armor Sloping) = 1.5x, Weight = 1x, Spaces = 0.85x

If I have a fraction of space after Streamlining and/or Armor Sloping can I use it?
You must round up the number of spaces lost to streamlining and/or sloping.  You cannot keep fractions of spaces.

If you have a pickup, camper, or van with a X-hvy chassis, you must spend the $100 for a 6-wheel chassis.  Must you also purchase and mount tires on the extra 2 wheels?
Yes, you must purchase and mount tires on every wheel spot.

Can you put an external weapons pod in the bed of a pickup?
Yes, but only if it fires to the back.  (ADQ 4/4)

Can I make any tire modifications (radial, steelbelting, etc.) to a Plasticore tire?

Is the RUBBER on a Plasticore fireproof?

How are bottom and top mounted weapons treated in the walkaround description?
Top mounted items are all visible. Bottom mounted dischargers are visible (since they stick out), but bottom mounted weapons are not.

Can wheelhubs be seen in the walkaround under wheelguards?

Vehicle Construction (Power Plant)

Do you apply percentages of gas engine price (blueprinting, tubular headers, carburetors, turbochargers and superchargers] to the basic engine cost, or do you apply the next price change to the previous price change?
Increases like blueprinting and tubular headers are added together to figure the final engine cost.  The savings for carburetors and multi-barrel carbs, are calculated from the ** base ** engine price -- you don't save more money by blueprinting your engine!  Add the percentages together then apply the total percentage to the base cost and PFs of the ICE. [For example, BP, THs, a VP turbocharger and supercharger would give 0.80 (0.10 + 0.05 + 0.25 + 0.40) x ICE PFs.]  (ADQ 6/1)

A HD transmission doubles the amount of power factors the vehicle can carry.  This means I can use a Medium PP with HD transmission to move a vehicle that weighs up to 8400 lbs, right?

Vehicle Construction (Armor)

Can spinal-mounted weapons use magazines in cargo space?
Magazines can be used, but not in cargo space.  (Pyramid 4)

Does a dual weapon magazine need to be component armored with the weapons?
Both the weapons and the magazine are armored together. (ADQ 8/3)

What armor, if any, protects the cargo in a pickup?
The cargo gets full protection from all sides except above. (ADQ 8/3)

If an extra magazine for a turreted weapon is placed outside the turret, can it be component armored separately?
"No, if you have a turret or an EWP with a magazine in the body of the vehicle, you total the spaces taken up by the weapon and all extra magazines, and figure the cost and weight of the component armor based on this total. The space for the component armor **must** come from inside the turret or EWP." (ADQ 10/3)

Vehicle Construction (Weapons)

What is the limitation on corner mounting weapons?
"Up to two spaces worth of dropped weapons (four spaces on a oversized vehicle) may be comer mounted." (UACFH)  In this case, dropped weapons include dropped weapons, gas weapons, gas streamers and flame cloud gas streamers.

Can I use a laser in a turret to laser guide rockets in the body of the vehicle?
Yes, you can have a laser in a turret guide rockets that are located elsewhere.  They can be linked using a normal (as opposed to a smart) link.

What if you have a bumper trigger on a front mounted rocket/launcher that is laser guided?  What happens when they are triggered by a collision?
The rocket(s) will fire due to the collision, however if the laser they are linked to is not also bumper triggered, then they have NO chance to hit.  The laser MUST hit first for the rockets to have any chance to hit.  That means if the rocket(s) is linked to a turreted laser, it isn't worthwhile to bumper trigger them.

Can MFRPs be placed in rocket EWPs?
No.  (ADQ 8/4)

Can Cloud Bomb Smokescreens be mounted on non-aircraft vehicles?

Is Pyrophoric Oil 5x the cost of regular oil or of flaming oil?
Regular oil.

Can Pyrophoric loads be used with an Oil Gun?

Can you have IR pulse lasers?  How do you figure the cost?
Yes. They cost 250% of the base cost. That's base cost + 50% for the pulse + 100% for the IR.  (ADQ 8/2)

Can other weapons be mounted front and back along a spinal-mounted weapon?  If so, with what restrictions?
Yes, keeping in mind the 1/3-spaces-per-side rule.  (Pyramid 4)

What are the restrictions (if any) on the placing of pintle mounts?  Specifically, can I put a two space pintle mount on a compact?
The rules for determining what size (in spaces) pintle mount can be mounted for any vehicle is the same as that for Turrets and Cupolas.

Can multi-fire rocket pods, aka Six-shooters use rocket magazines?

Does the 1/3 space rule apply to turrets and their magazines (in the top facing)?

Can X-ray lasers be made pulsed?
Yes. (ADQ 7/1)

Can I buy Rocket boosters in less than 10 lb increments?
Yes, but you pay the full $50 for any leftover fractions, so 71 lbs of rocket booster costs the same as 80 lbs.

Vehicle Construction (Accessories)

Can Active Suspension be used on Racing Bodies?
No.  The rules clearly state that no suspension improvement of any kind can be made to racing cars.  (Pyramid 9)

Can bumper triggers be linked to a turret?

Can I link at PFE to other items that require a firing action?

Can rocket boosters allow a vehicle to exceed its normal top speed?
Yes, however (in a manner similar to nitrous oxide) the car must decelerate by 10 mph each turn after the rocket boost until below its top speed.

Can I put items like a PFE or grenades in cargo space and use still use them?

The turret table does not include any mention of zero-space turrets.  Which vehicles can carry a zero-space turret?
Any car or cycle sidecar which does not already have a turret

The table is incomplete WRT turrets and pickups. Is it correct to assume that a pickup can mount, at best, a 2-space turret?

Can a vehicle mount a turret and a rocket platform?

Vehicle Construction (Trikes and Cycles)

Can cycles mount spoilers or airdams?
Cycles can't have airdams due to its front tire location.  Cycles can have spoilers. When combined with a cycle windshell, it gets the bonuses of the airdam/spoiler combination.

Can you corner-mount dropped weapons on tricycles?

Can you place a sponson turret on the right or left facing on a tricycle?

What is the HC of a tricycle with a) two racing slicks on its back wheels?  b) one racing slick on its front wheel?  c) racing slicks on all three wheels?
For a) +1 HC, b) no effect, c) +2 HC

Does component armor in sidecars take half a space?  In trikes?
Yes, it does.  They take a full space in trikes.  (Pyramid 4)

Can cycles get the +2 slick tire bonus if both wheels are slick?  Can they get a +1 bonus for having a single wheel slick?
Yes and yes.

Do both the cycle and sidecar need to be streamlined to get the 10% bonus to top speed?

Combat Questions (Dropped Weapons)

Car A's back is touching Car B's front.  Car A then drops spikes.  Do they affect Car B?

If a flamethrower, flaming oil or flame cloud hits a ice patch, it melts.  Does it melt the entire counter, or only the part that it is touching?  If it gets rid of the entire ice patch, what if you have a long line of connected counters of ice, do they all go away?
The flame will melt the entire counter (including the HD counter).  In the case of a long line of connected counters, treat each counter individually and the flame melts any counter it touches.

Is the 1" blast radius of a mine measured from the center of a mine or the edge of the counter?
"Each tire within 1" of any edge of the mine counter takes 1d damage." (CWC2)

A motorcycle with a cycle wheelguard and a cycle wheel hub on either side of a wheel is hit by a flame cloud.  How is damage distributed?
Roll damage once.  Check to see if the damage hits the wheelguard; if it does, apply the damage to the guard, with any excess continuing.  If the wheelguard is missed or there is still damage to apply, check once to see if hubs are hit.  If hubs are hit, divide the damage between them, with any excess damage from either side going to the wheel.  If the hubs are missed, apply the damage to the wheel.

What about a flame cloud hitting the side of a car with an armored EWP with multiple weapons in it?
Roll damage for the EWP and apply it to the armor.  If the armor is breached, the damage passes to a random weapon.  If the EWP is unarmored, all weapons are affected separately.

Do mines of any kind detonate in flame clouds or flaming oil?
Except for napalm mines, all mines are fireproof.  If napalm mines ever end a phase underneath an ignited flaming oil slick or flame cloud, they immediately detonate to no effect.

A dropped weapon can fire multiple times in a turn when on automatic.  If I use a manual action to fire it in a turn, can a non-manual firing action (such as a bumper trigger) fire it again in a turn?

What exactly can you do with a weapons timer and a dropped weapon?
With a weapons timer, any weapon set on automatic does not have to fire every phase or movement.  The timer can set which phases (or movements) that it fires on.  This pattern can be of any type, but a single weapons timer can only have one pattern at a time.  Switching between two timers is a firing action.  (ADQ 6/3)

If a car rolls onto mines on its top or side, will it have a higher chance of detonating the mines due to the surface area?  And do the tires still take damage?
The mines are automatically detonated, and the tires will still take damage unless the car is on its roof.  WGs and AWHs will protect against this damage if the vehicle is on its side. (ADQ 5/4)

What happens if I roll over explosive (or other pressure triggered) spikes?
They automatically detonate and do no damage to anything but tires.

Can twin dropped solids be arranged to leave a continuous line of counters, rather than stacked counters?
No.  (ADQ 9/1)

If a FCGS is in a turret, is the counter for the cloud placed at the edge of the car's counter, or does it begin at the center of the counter, thus putting part of the cloud counter over itself?
The gas stream is placed at the center of the counter.

How much damage to solid racing slick tires take from debris/obstacles?
Solid racing slick tires take normal damage from debris and obstacles.

Exactly what happens to a car with Racing Slicks when it hits oil/ice?
If a vehicle w/slicks hits oil/ice, it takes an immediate D3 hazard.  If the vehicle sees any additional hazards/maneuvers on ice then the additional penalty is +D8 (+D4 for slicks and +D4 for ice).  Additional hazards/maneuver on oil are +D6 (+D4 for slicks, and +D2 for oil)

Are Catalytic Spikes removed after they are hit?  (i.e. like explosive spikes)

What are the effect when stickyfoam is laid over top of oil?  Ice?  Flaming oil?
Whenever stickyfoam overlaps oil and/or ice, the effect of everything is neutralized where there is overlap.

Does a cloud of Stickyfoam Neutraliser have the similar effect of blocking lasers like normal paint does?  Can it also cause targeting penalties like a paint or smoke cloud when one tries to aim through it?
Yes and yes.

Does Stickyfoam have any fire-fighting properties?

How will Crystal Spikes be handled in AADA tournament events?
Completely hidden items are a nightmare for a tournament referee, so Crystal Spikes will not be AADA-sanctioned.

Clearly, intact vehicular armor protects a Driver/Gunner from tear gas.  What if the armor is breached and the Driver/Gunner has intact component armor?
Component armor is still intact armor, so it protects from the effects of tear gas.

Since Slicks take double damage from spikes, do they dissolve twice as fast from Catalytic Spikes?

Combat Questions (Direct Fire)

Can a turret target another car's tires at point blank range?
Yes.  (ADQ 10/3)

If I am in the back/side arc and take a out of arc shot at the side, do the to-hit modifiers due to speed change?
No.  The modifier due to speed is determined only from how the firer and target are located in respect to each other.  What side you target has no effect on the speed modifier.

Do the rockets of the VFRP or MFRP count as six separate attacks vs. metal armor, or as one big attack?
"Six separate attacks."  (ADQ 10/1)

There is a -1 to hit penalty for firing a weapon while on oil, gravel, or uneven road surfaces.  Would this also apply to ice as well?  What about stickyfoam?
Apply a –1 to hit penalty while on ice and no penalty for stickyfoam.

If a weapon is fired and missed, would the target know what weapon it was?  Would other duelists know?
Yes on both counts.  (ADQ 7/2)

Do you lose your sustained fire bonus if you switch magazines with a magazine switch?  If you have a +3 sustained fire bonus from using tracer ammo and then you switch to normal ammo, does your sustained fire bonus drop to +2, stay the same, drop to 0, or what?
Since switching magazines is not a firing action and takes no time, it does not interrupt sustained fire. And once you've used tracer ammo to get a sustained fire bonus to +3, you can switch to other ammo and keep that +3 bonus. As soon as you miss a turn of course, you'll have to start over.  (ADQ 5/2)

What happens if you fire an Oil/Paint Gun or a Mine Flinger on automatic?  I know it would shoot straight out, but how far?
They fire as far as their range would allow them.  If something gets in the way, roll to hit the target itself (NOT under the target).  For OG/PG this range is effectively infinite.  For the MF, if it is firing at the extent of its range, it would roll to hit (on auto) that point on the ground.

If I fire a smoke cloud in the same phase as laser guided weaponry, will it be in effect soon enough to block the laser guidance?
No.  All firing in a phase is simultaneous, except for specific examples like the laser reactive web, which will effect the laser guidance.  Manually triggered smoke will not.

Does "soft" cover (blocks sight, but not weapon fire) modify the "to  hit" roll?
Yes.  If 1/4" of your target is exposed, take a -1, and if 1/8" or less is exposed take a -2.

If I have a trike with a side-mounted weapon and fire to the front/back arc, from where do I measure range?
Range for this weapon is always measured from the center of the side where the weapon resides, regardless of what arc the weapon fires.

The damage for the twin laser is 2d6+6.  Does the +6 knock off a point of metal armor?
What about LR metal armor?
No.  Only ** die rolls ** of a "6" knock off a point of metal armor.  If a die comes up a "6," take off a point -- LR or not.  (ADQ 5/1)

Can hand weapons which do only half damage to vehicles remove 1 point of metal armor if they roll a 6?  How about weapons like the light FT, which does 1d6-2 damage?
Yes and yes.  (ADQ 9/4)

What happens when an OG/PG load misses and the scatter causes it to hit a wall?
This scenario it is analogous to firing directly at a vehicle and missing, so the OG/PG load is dispersed to no effect.

Car A is to the left of Car B and can trace a clear line to the right rear tire of a Car B, however, Car A is in neither the back or right firing arcs of Car B.  Does Car A have line of sight to this tire for targeting purposes and if so, what, if any, modifiers does it have?
The tire can be targeted, however, the tire is "out of the arc" so the mods to hit the tire
would be -1 for back (it is trying to target through the back facing), -2 for out of arc (the firer is not in the arc of the back facing), - 3 for the tire, plus any additional applicable modifiers.

If two linked VFRPs are fired, must they fire the same number of rockets each?
Yes. (ADQ 5/4)

When a spike gun misses its to hit roll, what happens?
The spike counter scatters according to the grenade scatter rules.

What happens if I have a Magazine Switch and I put the weapon on automatic?
The player must specify before the arena starts the order in which the shots in different magazines will come from if the weapon is put on automatic.  If the player does not specify, then it is decided randomly.

Can extra magazines in the body for turret-mounted weapons be destroyed by damage coming through the side?
No.  Magazines for turret-mounted weapons are considered to be a part of a top-mounted weapon for damage allocation purposes.  (ADQ 10/1)

Will the damage from a proximity fused direct-fire weapon damage the target's tires if the underbody is hit?
Yes.  The damage from a proximity fused weapon affects "all targets," (UACFH) which includes tires as long as they are within the burst radius and have line of sight to the blast.

Will burst damage that affects vehicles affect more than one side if several sides are in arc and have LOS to the explosion?
No.  The target vehicle can choose which side is effected among the sides with LOS.

What happens when an IR laser is guiding rockets?  Can the rockets lock on to the laser because the laser can penetrate the smoke?
The rockets can lock on if the laser can penetrate twice the distance through the smoke.  The laser beam has to penetrate the smoke cloud going in, and again when reflected.  (ADQ 8/2)

Is targeting at the front of a turret an extra -1 over the -2 for the turret?
No.  Turrets are an exception to the "cumulative modifiers" rule, because no matter how you're facing the car (front, back, or side), the turret is the same size.  So targeting a turret from the front of a car is -2 for the turret, but not an additional -1 for the front.  Other modifiers, like speed of both vehicles, sloping, visibility, etc., would still apply.

When a burst-effect penetrates armor (or hits a location with no armor to begin with), do the crew members of the vehicle suffer burst-effect damage?
No.  The vehicle's structure (even with no armor) is assumed to protect the occupants from burst effects.  (Pyramid 8)

Do weapons which only affect pedestrians and tires destroy fake accessories?  For example, if a flechette gun hits a fake wheelguard, is the wheelguard destroyed?
I’m going to rule that fake accessories are no more sturdy than a tire, so weapons that only affect pedestrians and tires DO affect fake accessories.

If I fire a burst effect weapon at the ground near a pedestrian, do I gain the +4 bonus for hitting the ground?  If I miss do I use the grenade scatter rules?
You get the +4 bonus if you are targeting ONLY the ground in general, so no you do not get the +4 bonus.  The weapon aims as normal for a particular point.  Then you use the grenade scatter rules to determine where exactly the shot hits.

Can I fire at mine counters with a weapon to detonate them?
Yes  When targeting the mines, you don't get the +4 ground targeting bonus. If you are trying to detonate the mines while a vehicle is in its' blast radius, you will take speed modifiers based on that vehicle's speed.  2 hits of damage is required to detonate the mines.

How do sonic cannons affect metal armor?
The range modifier to damage is applied to damage against both plastic and metal armor.  If the damage roll calls for 2 points of metal to be removed, then within the double damage range, 4 points of metal would be removed.  In both cases, all fractional values of damage are rounded down.

Can half or no-vehicle damage hand weapons hit crew and passengers of a car through a breached armor location.
Yes, but if it hits any other vehicular component it only does half/no damage.

Does HESH ammunition have a burst effect?
Yes. The burst or area effect is a feature of the weapon, not the ammunition type. Some special rounds like AP and APFSDS ammunition do shed their burst effect, and these ammo types say so in their descriptions.

How are rocket platforms treated in combat?
They are treated as unarmored turrets.  You take a -2 penalty to try to hit them.  Damage done to them hits one item (including previously destroyed items) on the platform and any extra damage passes through hitting nothing.  Unlike turrets they are not protected by sloping.

Combat Questions (Other)

You can lose up to half your metal armor in any collision.  If you have an odd number of points of metal armor, do you round the half point up or down?
You round up on the amount of metal you lose.  "...the most points the armor can lose on that side is half the total on that side involved in the wreck (rounded up)." (CWC2)  Thus, if you have 9 points of armor in the collision, you can lose up to 5 points.

In CWC2, it states, "If the car survives, it will still have 4 points (half the original value) of armor left on the front."  Does “original “ mean the value at the start of the duel or to the value just before the crash.
The value just before the crash.

Do wheelguards (and wheelhubs) protect a tire in any way from a grenade's burst effect?
Yes.  Determine whether they protect using the same procedure as mine explosions.  (See the CWRQ)

The procedure for applying confetti and explosions is different in the rules, why is that?  In addition, different versions of the Compendium have different procedures for handing explosions.  Which should I use?
The rules on this are inconsistent, so I'm going to use the following procedure whenever a car explodes or is confettied.  For every 400 lbs of vehicle take one debris/obstacle counter.  Start with a debris and alternate every 400 lbs between debris and obstacles.  Drop the debris/counters from 4".  Any counters that fall past walls higher than 4" should be picked up and placed

Can a single weapon timer be attached to more than one weapon?
I'll rule this way:  A weapon timer may activate one weapon or one set of linked weapons.

Do plasticore tire take ANY damage from spikes, explosive spikes, or flechette guns once the 4 DP outer rubber casing is removed?
No.  After the first 4 points of damage plasticores are immune to items which cannot inflict vehicular damage.

When a plasticore tire has taken 4 DP the rubber exterior strips off revealing plastic.  Must I reveal that my tires are plasticore at this point?

Do I take a hazard due to the DAMAGE from a collision?
No.  The only hazard is that calculated from the collision table itself.  Hazards from damage specifically state that it be "enemy fire."  That is not the case here.

Is there a minimum damage possible in the game?  (i.e: can you get a result of '0' damage on weapons such as HMGs or FCEs?  What about a rams at 5mph?)
There is no minimum damage.  When effects are modified to 0 they do 0 damage.

If I have component armor around my driver/gunner, can I fire hand weapons?
I'm going to take my lead from a answer from ADQ 8/1.  There they stated that a grenade thrown (or fired using a HGL) by someone in component armor would land INSIDE the component armor.  So I'll rule it this way.  The hand weapons of anyone inside component armor cannot affect anything outside the vehicle.

In some old rules it states that when trikes are involved in a ram on the facing with the single tire, the tire took the ram damage first.  Is that rule still in effect?
No, that rule is obsolete.

Does a ramplate reduce the extra ram damage inflicted by bumper spikes?

How does a ramplate (or differing DM) modify ram damage when a confetti-causing collision occurs?
You will take the full damage rolled, as modified by the ram plate and/or DM, or the unmodified DP (or confetti value) of the object, whichever is less.

If I have a CA frame and the tires take damage due to a jump, do they take double damage?
CA Frames only increase the collision damage taken by armor and internal components.  Therefore, tires do not take double damage due to the CA Frame.  Ditto for skirts on a hovercraft.

Will an Infrared Targeting and Driving Aid allow one to see through smoke as an infrared laser does?  5/1
Yes.  SDH

How are passengers in the bed of a pickup truck effected by grenades, mines, and burst effect weapons?
They are protected by the armor of the vehicle for burst effects from the bottom and front, and not protected by the armor for any burst effect from the back, sides or top.

If a cyclist is not protected by either component armor or a windshell are they affected by burst effect weapons?
Yes.  (ADQ 8/3)

The Det-Cord Net Grenade is listed as being able to ignite dropped oil.  Previous rulings have stated that the oil from oil droppers is non-flammable.  Should I now consider this oil to be flammable (and oil droppers to be volatile)?  Or should I just consider the oil vaporized by det-cord net grenades?
Oil from a standard oil dropper is non-flammable, so consider all oil (both flaming and standard) contacted by the grenade to be vaporized. (i.e. removed from the board)

Fire Questions

Can a vehicle use two fire extinguishers?
Not two vehicular extinguishers, but a vehicular and a personal FE (as well as two PFEs) can be used together.  Don't combine effects, use two separate rolls.  ADQ 8/3 and 9/4

Do fire extinguishers protect EWPs?
Yes.  (ADQ 10/4)

If a volatile weapon is mounted outside the vehicle (e.g., in an EWP or rocket platform), can it still cause the vehicle to explode?
Yes. (ADQ 9/4)

If I manually trigger a fire extinguisher to go off, do I check to see if the fire or burn mods are put out immediately or at the end of the turn?
You can, at any time, use a firing action to set off a fire extinguisher in order to put out burn mods or a fire. The chance to do this is your normal chance to put out a fire, and the roll takes place immediately with the firing action.  However, the FE can only fire once per turn.

Can I use automatic items, such as a link or weapon timer, to set off a vehicular FE?

In a collision with a burning object, what is the fire modifier and burn duration of the object?
Fire Modifier 2, Burn Duration 1.  This is applied every turn you are in contact with the object.  Thus, the first turn the modifier is 2; the second turn it is 4; and it remains 4 until the car moves away from the flaming wreck, at which time the burn modifier is a 2 for one more turn.  (ADQ 6/3)

Are flaming oil or flame cloud dischargers volatile?
No.  No type of discharger is volatile.

Movement/Handling Questions

If a car's front wheelguards are shot off, does it still suffer the handling class minus?
No, the HC penalty is lifted.  (ADQ 3/2)

What happens when a car loses the plastic flap from a second and subsequent plasticore tires?  I doubt that the designers intended you to be able to lose 4 from your HC.
You only lose the 1 HC the first time ANY of the tires lose 4 DP.  Anything more doesn't matter.

What is the hazard if I fire twin ATGs and have HD shocks?
Since the weapons are fired together, I'm going to treat them as a D2 total, and HD shocks only subtract once from the total not from each.  So a D1 hazard is the result as opposed to a D0.  Same thing for twin HDVMGs.

What happens if I have an airdam and I go off-road.
While off-road, a vehicle with an airdam would lose any of the airdam's benefits.

Nitrous oxide states that acceleration is increased by 10mph.  Is this acceleration voluntary or unvoluntary?

Can I recalculate my top speed or acceleration in the middle of duel?
In general no.  You can recalculate your top speed and/or accel in only two circumstances.
1. ejected (or lost...from a rolling vehicle) external weapon pods
2.  jettisoned side cars
In both cases, you need to inform the referee beforehand and have your top speed/accel change calculated before the duel.

If I encounter a D1 hazard and my HD shocks reduce it to a D0, do I still take a –1 penalty on any to hit rolls in that phase.
No.  The penalty you take for firing in a phase due to a maneuver or hazard is the effective D after all modifiers have been taken into account.

When do you roll for the damage as the result of pushing your power plant?
Roll the damage on the PP or engine immediately when pushed and at the beginning of any turn in which it is pushed.

When colliding with a pedestrian, do you treat the collision as colliding with another vehicle, or as a D3 hazard, knocking the pedestrian out of the way?  Is there a speed change?
D3 hazard, no speed change. (ADQ 6/2)

How high are cars?  How high does a ramplate extend?
Motorcycle, trikes, subcompacts, and compacts are 1/4" high.  Midsize, sedans, luxuries and station wagons are 3/8" high.  Pickups, campers, and vans are 1/2".  Ramplates on all cars and reversed trikes are 1/4" high.

Must a vehicle with jump jets jump higher than the height of another vehicle to clear it, or can it jump equal to the height of the other vehicle?  For instance, to clear a compact (1/4" high), must you be at 1/4" or higher than 1/4"?
If the jumping vehicle was at an elevation of 1/4", it would clear a 1/4" obstacle (like a compact) -- but just barely.  The two would probably swap paint or something (but it wouldn't be a hazard or anything).  (Pyramid 8)