Older News


- The Duel Schedule has been updated with current duels and scores.

New Server

- If you are reading this, you're on our new server! We'll be changing quite a bit behind the scenes over the next year.

Welcome to 2059 and Congrats to Flip!

- Congratulations to Flip for winning the Club Championship by one point! We've updated the Schedule for 2059 and archived the old schedule page. See you at Warrior Arena!

Schedule Updated

- The Schedule and standings have been updated. Next duel: The Arches!

CWVD 10.7.5 Released

- The CWVD has been updated to version 10.7.5, fixing a number of minor bugs. Get your copy on the Vehicles page.

Duel Dates Posted

- The Schedule page has been updated with this year's duel dates. Specifics will be posted ASAP. Also, the Info page has been updated with this year's rulings and the rest of the website has been reset for a new year of dueling.

New Club Champion!

- This past weekend we had our first duel at our new home, Universe Games! At this year's Club Dueling Championship, the reigning champion was wasted in 3 seconds, the entire board turned on Flip (again!) when he took the lead, and the end of the game featured a car with no front trying to line up a sideways head-on without getting cored. With some well-placed shots, Mark Mitchell survived the carnage and won his first Club Dueling Championship! Congratulations! Duel results will be posted as soon as possible; the history section has been updated with all champions from 2056-2058.

Happy New Year!

- Welcome to 2058! Looks like it'll be a good year for dueling: there's plenty of online games being run out of the Car Wars Forum, the MADHAT site is back up after a couple month hiatus, it looks like WADA is being picked back up, the CWVD 10.8 is trundling towards a beta release, and we have some cool duel plans for this year. We can't wait to see what happens!

Some Site Updates

- Sorry it's been so long. SPARK has been on somewhat of a hiatus this past year, but we hope to get back to dueling in 2058 with President Brian Strassman at the helm! For now, we've added two things to our website from the MADHAT site, which has been offline for a while. This includes a version of the MADHAT Duel Designer and the CWRQ and ODQ in HTML. Come back soon, guys!

Schedule and Blud Bowl Results Updated

- It's been a bit of a down summer and fall for SPARK, unfortunately. Scores are now up-to-date on the Schedule page, and the results of BLUD Bowl 2056 have been posted on the BLUD Bowl page. (Congrats to Darren Marquez on the BLUD Bowl victory!)

Flip wins at Jaegar!

- Christian "Flip" Nelson picks up his first win of the year and takes the lead in the circuit by blowing up Odie and melting Mike's tires! Scores are now up-to-date on the Schedule page.

Duel Announcements

- The next duel had to be moved to July 22; that duel will be a Division 30 Demo Derby at Aladdin's Castle. The August 5th duel will probably also move as it's the same day as a Con of the North volunteer event, but we know it'll be a Division 40 race at the Airship. Watch the Schedule page for further updates!

CWVD 10.7.4

- Fixes for metal spoilers and the gas tank spinner. Grab your copy on the Vehicles page.

Rules Changes

- It's now official: racing bodies are not allowed in SPARK dueling events.

CWVD 10.7.3

- A couple more fixes for bugs reported by our intrepid testers. Grab your copy on the Vehicles page.

CWVD 10.7.2

- Featuring bugfixes and tweaks, the latest version of the CWVD is available on the Vehicles page.

Cheer the Winners!

- We've already got two duels in the books for this year, but they have three winners! Brian Strassman fought hard for his victory in the season opener Division 5 Pro duel, taking out Odie, Flip, and Pete along the way. In our second duel Mark Mitchell and Mike Miller took each other out simultaneously, leaving Flip with nobody to kill and giving them the shared victory. Congrats to Brian, Mark, and Mike! Scores are now up-to-date on the Schedule page.

Duel 3

- Our next duel will be Division 15 at Jaeger Amateur Arena. Modifications will be made to accomodate eight players.

Keep Plugging Away, Chris!

- Please join us in wishing Chris Campbell continuing good luck while he's working in the wilds for the summer. Watch out for the cycle gangs!

CWVD 10.7.1 Released, Finally!

- Thanks to the new SJG online policy, CWVD 10.7.1 is now available on the Vehicles page. Please give it a try and send feedback to parody@esglabs.com!

BLUD Bowl Design Contest Announced!

- We'd like to give everyone a chance to participate in the BLUD Bowl fun and maybe make their favorite Division 5 or 15 vehicle available for play, so we're having Design Contest We've also updated the BLUD Bowl rules in anticipation of Gen Con Indy Event Registration opening tomorrow.

Mike Retains the Club Championship

- In a duel featuring more machine guns than we've seen in ages, Mike Miller edged out Eric O'Denius by 1 on a D6 to win the 2056 Club Championship!

Dueling Schedule Announced

- The dates for this year's circuit duels have been posted on the Schedule page. Our next duel is Division 7.5 at the Double Drum on the 22nd of April.

SPARK Adopts New Rules

- SPARK has adopted some new scoring and dueling rules, including a mass of tiebreakers and using +33% for steelbelted tires. Full info available on the SPARK Info page.

All Hail the President!

- Congratulations to Eric O'Denius on being elected SPARK President for another year!

Hibernation Ends

- We've taken a bit of a break, but SPARK's back! The new dates for the remaining off-season duels and the Club Championship are up on the Schedule page.

1x Counters Now Available

- Need some counters for your original maps? Download our new 1x counter pack from the Counters page.

Jim Swamps the Competition

- Although he lost his car in a head-on ram, Jim was able to tag all four checkpoints and get enough kills to win the boat/car duel!

Elko All-in-One 1x Available

- No more jigsaw puzzle to make your favorite dueltrack! Elko Dueltrack All-in-One at 1x is now available on the Arena Downloads page.

Mike Wins the Circuit, Pete Gets the Apron

- After nine long events in 2055, Mike Miller pulls out enough points to win the 2055 SPARK Circuit, making him the first SPARK member to win the Circuit and Club Championship in the same year. Pete Jansen, despite many valiant efforts throughout the year, picks up the Pity Points Championship and the “Kiss Me, I'm the SPARK 2055 Pity Points Champion” Apron. See the final scores and who won each event during the year on the Schedule.

Tim Gould Wins BLUD Bowl 2055

- It took us long enough to acknowledge him for being the only player to show up at the final, but Tim Gould won BLUD Bowl 2055! The duel results are available on the BLUD Bowl page.

We're Still Here

- SPARK's still here! We've been dueling all summer and having fun playing classic Car Wars! I (Mike Miller) would like to personally apologize to everyone in SPARK for not keeping our website up to date. The Schedule and Standings have caught up to March 2056 and through the end of the Circuit, respectively.

Chris Picks up a Pair

- Chris Campbell picks up wins at both the Dune Buggies and Ice duels, catapulting him into the circuit lead! Circuit standings and upcoming duels have been updated.

Schedule Updates

- Due to conflicts, the July 16th duel has moved to this coming Saturday the 9th, and the first August duel has moved to the 13th. Sorry for the short notice.

Flip Burns Up the Competition

- Christian “Flip” Nelson's Flame Cloud Gas Streamers burned up three vehicles and himself to win Amateur Night! Circuit standings and upcoming duels have been updated, duel report to follow.

Turning Keys for Everyone

- SPARK turning keys in a variety of scales are now available from the Counters page.

New Sneak Peeks

- We've updated the Sneak Peek pics on the Vehicles Page, for anyone interested in what's going on with the CWVD. Hopefully it will be approved soon!

BLUD Bowl Updates

- We're doing it again! The BLUD Bowl page has been updated for 2055, and the report for BLUD Bowl 2054 has finally been posted. We'll see you at GenCon Indy!

New Club Champion

- With his Fake Car-Top Carrier hiding a turreted laser and rockets a-plenty, Mike Miller took out two SPARK members and won his first Club Championship! Full writeup forthcoming sooner than the BLUD Bowl one.

Gearing up for 2055

- Did you miss us? We're starting to get ready for 2055. The schedule has been cleaned out; you can find the duel reports for 2054 under History. (Expect the rest of the reports next week.) BLUD Bowl 2055 info will be updated soon.

CWVD 10.5 Sneak Peek

- CWVD development hasn't stopped: check out a sneak peek of 10.5 on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Jim Beecher wins 2054 Circuit

- With a strong finish in the last two duels, Jim Beecher has come back to win the 2054 circuit! Check out the final scores on the Schedule page.

New Counters and Full-Size Arenas

- Need counters for playing at Micro Machine scale? Head on over to the Counters page and check out our new counter set! If you'd rather try a duel at Killebrew Memorial, we also have a full-size version at 1x and 1.5x available at the Arenas page.

Factory Duel Lasts Two Seconds

- Chris Campbell was the only survivor of the Division 5 duel, winning after René and Mike met in a head-on!

Jim Watson wins BLUD Bowl 2054

- Congratulations to Jim Watson, who beat out our own Jim Beecher in the finals of BLUD Bowl 2054! A full report will be up soon.

Schedule Updated

- The remaining events for the year will start at Noon.

CWVD Temporarily Removed

- CWVD 10.4 is complete and has been submitted to Steve Jackson Games for approval. Since we were not distributing it legally, it has been removed from the site for now. Our deepest apologies to SJG!

CWVD 10.4b5 Available

- Beta 5 fixes bugs, hopefully we're close to final! As always, it's available on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Blood Spills in the Western Suburbs!

- After a long and bloody battle (and cutting out of the City Blocks), Jim Beecher winds up winning the Pickup and Cycle duel! Duel scoring and updated Circuit Standings are available on the Western Suburbs Duel Report and Schedule pages, respectively.

CWVD 10.4b4 Available

- Beta 4 finishes off the new Weapon Mounts section and moves Cycle Windshells to the Calc sheet. As always, it's available on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Various Updates

- Rules are up for the Division 45+15 Western Suburbs duel. The Circuit Standings are in sync with the Aladdin's Castle duel, and the Surrender Rules have been updated.

Controversy at Aladdin's Castle!

- In a duel where all of the vehicles were technically illegal, René winds up winning Aladdin's Castle after Mike's DQ! Preliminary report available at the Aladdin's Castle Duel Report page; designs and pictures will be forthcoming.

CWVD 10.4b3 Available

- Beta 3 introduces a new way to buy your turrets and squashes bugs found in beta 2. As always, it's available on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Pete Jansen pulls out a win at Armadillo!

- It took 29 turns but Pete was able to pull out a win at Approximately Armadillo Autoduel Arena! Check it out at the Armadillo Duel Report.

CWVD 10.4b2 Available

- Even more code changes for you to test! As always, it's available on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

CWVD 10.4b1 Available

- Part 1 of the code revamp is now available for testing on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.


- Brian's car was omitted from the New Boston duel report. Added it to the duel report and vehicle pages. Sorry about that!

Duel Report Updates

- The New Boston and Elko Dueltrack duel reports have been updated with pics and as much story as I can remember. :)

More Downloads

- Along with new duel reports come new vehicles. We've also put up the Report Forms we use for duels, and Wallpapers in all sizes are now available.

New Boston rocked by Eric "Odie" O'Denius!

- Odie got 2.5 kills on his way to victory in the New Boston Dueling Arena! Circuit standings have been updated and a preliminary duel report is available.

Elko Dueltrack 1x and 1.5x

- Elko Dueltrack PDFs are now available at 1x and 1.5x. Trailer races for everyone!

SPARK Rules Updated

- Added the Surrender and Disqualification rules to the SPARK Info page.

CWVD 10.3 Released

- Even more bug fixes! Grab it from the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Schedule Updates

- Due to the Source Birthday Bash this weekend and the D-Day wargaming weekend June 5th and 6th, our next two events have moved to May 22 and June 12. (Our apologies for not getting this updated sooner.)

CWVD 10.2 Released

- Now it figures out the tire count for you! Also includes fixes for MMLs, Rocket Platforms, and Dragster front tires as well as some UI problems. Check it out on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Jim Beecher wins at Elko Dueltrack

- Jim's Formula 1 car, although breached on both the front and back, managed to dodge through two piles of confetti and win today's race! This starts Jim off with the lead in the Circuit! The standings have been updated and the duel report will be posted soon.

CWVD 10.1 Released

- We quickly found a bug with the new acceleration text, so 10.1 is now available on the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

CWVD 10.0 Released

- Now available to the general public, the CWVD 10.0 is an enhancement of Rick Cross' and Sean Peterson's CWVD. Check it out at the Vehicles and Design Sheets page.

Congrats to Brian Strassman, our 3-time, 3-time, 3-time Dueling Champion!

- Even though he was blasted by twin HVMGs early on, Brian perservered and won the Championship by finishing off Mike's upside-down trike and taking out Flip after a blown control roll. Did I mention it only took 8 seconds? Check out the gory details at the full duel report.

BLUD Bowl 2054 at GenCon Indy

- SPARK has decided to throw itself upon the grenade and organize a World Dueling Championship-style tournament at GenCon Indy. For more information, head to the BLUD Bowl page.

Eric O'Denius reelected as President of SPARK

- After almost 10 seconds of debate, Eric O'Denius was nominated, seconded, and elected President of SPARK for the 2054/2055 season. "Well, I guess nobody else wanted the job," said Eric.

SPARK Site Moves

- Welcome to our new site! Brian's been our webmaster for many years, but his job keeps him pretty busy these days. Michael Miller is your new SPARK webmaster.

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