2054 Club Championship

Duel Report submitted by Michael Miller


Jim's Headshot
Jim Beecher
Pete's Headshot
Pete Jansen
Mike's Headshot
Mike Miller
Odie's Headshot
Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Flip's Headshot
Christian "Flip" Nelson
Brian's Headshot
Brian Strassman
Becky's Headshot
Becky Teed

It was a great turnout, with all of our regulars there. Unfortunately, none of the newer folks could make it, but I'm hoping the new site and reminders on our Yahoo! Group will help with that.


Standard SPARK Dueling rules, with Killebrew in the default formation and tiebreaking points for crossing from one side to the other.


First we took care of a little club business: we reelected Eric "Odie" O'Denius president and made Mike the webmaster.

Then time for the walkarounds. Becky had a sedan with a turreted laser and rockets left and right. Pete's electric lux had twin smallbores front. Brian had a sloped midsize with laser front. Mike's extra-heavy trike was only showing a turreted laser. Odie's lux had three smallbores front and a dropped liquid back. Flip had a station wagon with twin smallbores front. Jim had a compact with a turreted smallbore and a laser left.

One half of the arena started with Flip, Brian, Pete, and Jim while the other had Odie, Mike, and Becky. Flip quickly turned and shot Brian with twin HVMGs, wiping out a large chunk of Brian's armor. Mike took a chunk of damage from two shots of Becky's Laser (but no rockets were fired) and missed Odie twice with his Targeting Laser and 4 RLs hidden under blow-through.

Brian turned away from Flip and blew his dischargers, putting flaming oil counters all over the place. This got Flip off his back and onto Jim's front. Jim blew a control roll and started rolling after taking fire from Pete and turning to avoid the wall. (This caused our controversy of the day: when you roll, spinout, or vault as a result of a hazard, do you do a rotation/spin immediately or not until your next phase of movement?)

We ran it like we have in the past with the car immediately taking a rotation. This meant that Jim's car would wind up on its left side, with its turret facing away from the main arena. Unfortunately, he didn't even live that long as his driver died when his CA Frame vehicle rolled onto its lightly armored underbody. Flip gets our first kill of 2054! Afterwards, Pete circles around the nearby pillar while Brian scoots by trying to get his injured side away from the action.

Back on the other side, Mike tries a desperate turn to avoid taking another shot on his right side. Naturally, he also blows his control roll and rolls his trike. Unlike Jim, he will wind up upside-down facing into the arena two turns later. Odie closes on Becky and they trade shots: Becky with her laser and rockets, Odie with his three VMGs with Incendiary ammo. This is enough to start Becky on fire and she has no way to stop the blaze and a breached side. Things are looking good for Odie, except that as he turns away to go up the ramp he loses control of his station wagon, right in front of Becky. He skids into her, creating a head-on between Odie's right side and Becky's front which is enough to take him out. Becky, now stopped, on fire, and breached, burns to death one turn later after taking a last shot at Mike.

This brings us to the end of Turn 3. (I hope the audience was paying attention, this is a short one!)

Flip starts Turn 4 off with twin bangs, ripping through Pete's side armor and killing his driver and gunner. Pete's dead vehicle winds up over by Jim's. Brian circles around the pillar while Flip heads towards the center to score a tiebreaking point (TBP) and try to finish off Mike. Who, by the way, stops rolling in Turn 5 and is ready to take his upside-down shots at people. Brian gets Mike in his sights as he circles around the pillar, and one quick burst from his X-Ray Laser blows through Mike's remaining armor and his driver. Mike's shot earlier had already missed.

We add up the points quick and find out that it won't matter if anyone has any TBPs; the sole survivor of the duel will be the winner. Brian dodges the ramp and takes a shot at Flip. Flip hits the top, turns right, and heads back down to circle around. Brian, knowing he has to kill Flip, also circles around quick to get in some shots. Flip is on the losing end, as he blows a control roll and is skidding right when Brian gets him in his sights. One final X-Ray shot cooks Flip's car in T8P1 and that's all she wrote.

Congratulations to Brian Strassman, three time Club Dueling Champion!

Final Scoring

14Brian Strassman+1 Completed Mike, +2 Killed Flip, +1 Sole Survivor
22Christian "Flip" Nelson+2 Killed Jim, +2 Killed Pete, -2 Killed by Brian
3 (tie)0Becky Teed+2 Killed Odie, -2 Killed by Odie
3 (tie)0Eric "Odie" O'Denius+2 Killed Becky, -2 Killed by Becky
5 (tie)-2Pete Jansen-2 Killed by Flip
5 (tie)-2Mike Miller-1 Self-Inflicted Mobility,
-1 Completed by Brian
5 (tie)-2Jim Beecher-2 Killed by Flip

Vehicle Designs

040403 Mid-size w/XL by Brian Strassman
Mid-Size; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy suspension; Large PP w/HTMs; 4 PR tires. Driver w/PFE. XL F; FODs L, R, B linked. HD Shocks, HRSWC (XL), Spoiler and Airdam. 215 pts. sloped armor (F60, R45, L45, B45, T10, U10); 2x10 pt. Hubs; 2x10 pt. Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. CA. Cost: $29,984; Wgt: 5,735; HC: 3 (4 @ 60+); Top Speed: 92.5 (67.5 w/HTMs); Accel: 5 (10 w/HTMs).
040403 Station Wagon w/HVMGs by Christian "Flip" Nelson
Station Wagon; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy suspension; Large PP w/SCs, HTMs; 4 PR tires. Driver w/Body Armor. 2xHVMG w/8xHD ammo each linked. HD Shocks; Spoiler and Airdam. 142 pts. plastic; 2x5 pt. Hubs; 2x5 pt. Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. CA. Cost: $29,440; Wgt: 6,300; HC: 3 (4 @ 60+); Top Speed: 90 (67.5 w/HTMs); Accel: 5 (10 w/HTMs).
30K Rocket Mama by Becky Teed
Sedan; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy suspension; 200 cid engine; 5 Gal. Duelling Tank; 4 PR Radial tires. Driver. L in two-space turret LGLed to 6xAP HR (3 L, 3 R). SWC (L); No-Paint Windshield; Laser Battery; Spoiler and Airdam. 195 pts. Normal. Cost: $29,985; Wgt: 5,985, HC: 4 (5 @ 60); Top Speed: 67.5; Accel: 5.
040403 Luxury with VMGs by Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Luxury; X-Hvy chassis; Light suspension; Large PP w/PCs, HTMs; 4 PR Radials. Driver; Gunner. 3xVMG w/18 Incendiary shots each linked F; HDFOJ B linked to VMGs. 2xBumper Trigger (FOJ, VMGs); Fire Extinguisher; SWC (gunner-VMGs); HD Shocks; Spoiler and Airdam. 190 pts. armor; 2x2 pt. Hubs; 2x2 pt. Guards. Cost: $29,853; Wgt: 6,296; HC: 2 (3); Top Speed: 90 (67.5 w/HTMs); Accel: 5 (10 w/HTMs).
2054 Championship Duel Car by Pete Jansen
Luxury; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy suspension; 150 cid w/Turbo; 5 Gal. Hvy-Duty Tank; 4 PR Radial FP tires. Driver w/Body Armor; Gunner w/Body Armor. 2xVMG w/16 shots each linked F. HD Shocks; HD Brakes; Anti-Lock Brakes; HRSWC (VMGs); Spoiler and Airdam. 40 pts. Metal and 63 pts. FP plastic; 2x4 pt. FP Hubs; 2x4 pt. FP Guards. Cost: $29,962; Wgt: 6,549; HC: 4 (5); Top Speed: 62.5; Accel: 5 (10 after lag).
ESG Labs 30K Rocketeer by Michael Miller
X-Hvy Trike; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy Cycle suspension; Super Trike PP w/PCs, SCs, HTMs; 3 PR Radial Cycle tires. Driver. TL in 0-spc turret LGLed to 4xAP RL (2 L, 2 R). 4xBlow-Through Concealment (RLs); SWC (TL); Spoiler. 169 pts. armor (F29, R29, L29, B29, T38, U15); 1x10 pt. Cycle Guard, 2x10 pt. Guards. Cost: $29,954; Wgt: 4137; HC: 3 (4); Top Speed: 90 (67.5 w/HTMs); Accel 5 (10 w/HTMs).
30K Lightshow by Jim Beecher
Compact; X-Hvy chassis; Hvy suspension; Medium PP w/PCs, HTMs; 4 PR Radial tires. Driver. Laser L; HMG in 1-spc Turret. 2xLink (weapons-HTMs?); HD Shocks; Fire Extinguisher; HRC. 239 pts. armor; 2x4 pt. Hubs; 2x4 pt. Guards. Cost: $29,967; Wgt: 4,408; HC: 4; Top Speed: 90 (67.5 w/HTMs); Accel: 5 (10 w/HTMs).


Brian, Pete, and Jim
Brian, Pete, and Jim
Becky and Renee
Becky and Renee
Odie and Flip
Odie and Flip
Me!  And Odie
Mike and Odie
T2P5 already?
T2P5 already?
MM Scale Trike!
MM Scale Trike!
Odie skids into Becky
Odie skids into Becky
Not long for this world...
Not long for this world...
Around T3P5
Around T3P5
Up the Ramp!
Up the Ramp!
Will they ram?
Will they ram?
That's all, folks...
The End

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