BLUD Bowl 2056

BLUD Bowl 2056 is your Car Wars Classic Dueling tournament, returning to Gen Con Indy for its third year! BLUD Bowl is a two round tournament:

  • Thursday, Noon-4 PM: Division 5 Open Qualifier (ID# NMN00006)
  • Friday, Noon-4 PM: Division 15 Open Qualifier (ID# NMN00007)
  • Saturday, Noon-4 PM: Division 25 Finals

All duels will take place at Killebrew Memorial Dueling Arena, with a water center and flat ramps. The rules will closely follow the rules used by Eric Freeman in the last few AADA Dueling Championships. These rules are listed in the CWRQ and ODQ. Pre-gen vehicles will be available for those who just want to show up and play!


Champion: Darren Marquez

Friday's Winners Bradley Cullen, Jeff Anderson

Saturday's Winners: Michael Becnel, Darin Marquez

Design Contest Winners: Jeff Johnson (Division 5), Daniel Gallant (Division 15)

Advancement Rankings:

1480Craig ?
2300Colin Gilbert
3240William Cullen
4 (tie)100?Fred Strauss
4 (tie)100?Paul McCann

A hearty (yet late) thanks to everyone who came out!


The Qualifiers are lower-division duels that are a mix of event types. The Division 15 duel will have targets; we're still working on the something special for the Division 5 duel.
  • Event Time: Qualifiers will start by 12:10 and end at the end of the current turn after 3:45 (if not before). We should be there by 11:45 to set up; arrive early for first pick of the vehicles and miniatures.
  • Vehicles: Everyone will be playing pregens in the qualifiers. However, we will be picking some of our pregens from the submissions to our new Design Contest. Top submissions will be added to our pregen pool and made available to all players.
  • Duel Scoring: Mobility and Completed kills are each worth 20 points. Targets (in the Division 15 duel) are each worth 10 points. Being Mobility or Complete Killed is worth -20 points each.
  • Winners: Determined as specified in the CWRQ. For the Division 15 duel, the thresholds will be raised to 120 points (3 full kills) to win and 100 points (2.5 full kills) to start the timer.
  • Advancement: The winner of each table advances to the finals. All other duelists earn advancement scoring based on position and the number of people at their duel. For example, if you place third out of 6 you would earn 400 points (6 players - 2 positions back * 100 points). This is added to your duel points (ignoring death penalties). Scores in both qualifiers are added together and used to fill in the remaining slots. In the event someone doesn't show at the finals, the next highest scoring duelist will be admitted and so on until we have a full table or run out of duelists. Everyone has a good chance to play in the finals, so please come even if you don't win your table!
  • Score Postings: Should be available at the front desk of the Miniatures hall, at the Steve Jackson Games Forums, and at Dueling Debate. They may also be available at the Steve Jackson Games booth in the Dealer's Hall.
  • First-Day Winners: Winners should not play in any later qualifiers. You can return those tickets to the GenCon ticket personnel for a refund.


The Finals are pure dueling action. High scorer wins!
  • Event Time: The Finals will start by 12:10 and end at the end of the current turn after 3:45 (if not before). We will be there by 11:30 to set up and check vehicles.
  • Vehicles: You are highly encouraged to design your own vehicle for the Finals. We would prefer to check your vehicles ahead of time; please submit them to by August 7, 2006. We will also be able to check vehicles before the duel if you come early. Pre-generated vehicles will be available for those who do not have one.
  • Duel Scoring: Mobility and Completed kills are each worth 20 points. Being Mobility or Complete Killed is worth -20 points each.
  • Winner: Determined as specified in the CWRQ.
  • Invitational Byes - We are extending invitations to three people, giving them a bye to the finals should they wish to use it. They are the reigning BLUD Bowl Champion Tim Gould, the last CWC AADA Dueling Champion John Blaylock, and Steve Jackson.

Design Contest

This year we're adding something for everyone, even those not coming to Gen Con Indy: a Design Contest! If there's a vehicle you would like to play in the prelim rounds, submit it and it may very well be available!

These rules are preliminary and subject to change.

  • You may submit designs from May 1, 2006 until July 31, 2006.
  • Each designer may submit one vehicle for Division 5 and one for Division 15. Remember that the Division 15 duel will have Targets for extra points; you may assume the Division 5 duel will be a straight duel for design purposes. All vehicles must follow the General Rules for BLUD Bowl vehicles.
  • The BLUD Bowl panel of judges will go over each design for legality. Minorly illegal vehicles will be altered slightly to be legal (drop a point of armor or two, for example). Vehicles that cannot be easily resolved will be rejected. If there is time, you may fix them and resubmit.
  • After the deadline, the panel of judges will rate each vehicle in a variety of categories. Top scoring vehicles will be added to our pool of pregens for everyone to play and their designers will win a cool prize! (Full scoring details will be posted soon. Planned categories include Cleverness, Effectiveness, Ease of Play by a New Player, and Judge's Slant.)
  • Designers will be notified as to whether their design will be included in the pregen pool before Gen Con. If your design is chosen and you are playing in that Qualifier, you will have first shot at playing your own design.
  • Submissions should be sent to Attach your design spreadsheet or include a Vehicle Guide-style summary of your vehicle in the text of the message. Please include your name and address with your submission in case we need to mail you a prize. Also let us know if you are going to be at GenCon and if you plan on playing in BLUD Bowl 2056.
  • By submitting your design, you are giving us permission to post it and your name on our website and use your design in this and future BLUD Bowls and other dueling events run by SPARK.
  • Prizes: The top designs for each division will win a medal; other prizes are yet to be determined.

General Rules

  • Designs - Vehicle designs must follow the AADA rules and information included in the CWRQ and ODQ unless these rules say otherwise. We recommend using the CWVD or MADHAT design spreadsheets to double-check and print your designs.
  • Overdrive - Allowed on vehicles with gas engines to equalize HTMs. (This overrides the CWRQ/ODQ.)
  • Start Speed - You start at 30, and you may accelerate before movement in T1P1. You may have any legal combination of accessories enabled (HTMs turned on), and you have accelerated last turn for the purposes of Turbo lag.
  • Checkpoints and Targets - The Qualifiers may feature targets and/or checkpoints. You may score each target or checkpoint only once. Targets are targeted at -2 and must be hit by a direct-fire weapon for at least one point of vehicular damage. Checkpoints are scored by touching the counter with your vehicle while on the ground.


There will be trophies or medals for the Qualifier winners, Design Contest winners, and the top three in the Finals. We also hope to have prizes for our winners; more on this as we approach August.


There will be a variety of pregen vehicles for all three events; some of the pregens for the Qualifiers will come from our Design Contest. You can see some likely pregen candidates on the Vehicles page.

BLUD Bowl Champions and Reports

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