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They have their own page here.

Vehicle Designs and Design Sheets

They have their own page here.

Counters and Play Aids

They have their own page here.

Reference Booklets

These are reference booklets for playing with the Compendium ruleset. The only difference between the four sizes are the distances on the Targeting Modifiers page.

The SPARK version is 1.5x and reverses how you do the Swerve, which is a rules change we made to make it simpler to do.

Rules FAQs

These two documents, written by the AADA Head Referee Eric Freeman, are clarifications and rulings on many Car Wars issues. They were used for the AADA World Dueling Championships back in the day. We used to host a copy here, but now Eric has them available on Board Game Geek for everyone to enjoy!

SPARK Logo Wallpaper

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Car Wars Font

StopD is (a replica of) the font used for the Car Wars logo. The SPARK web site uses it for headers.

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