Printable Arenas

The following is a collection of homebrew and official arenas, ready to print and assemble!


Arenas are posted in two forms: Full Size means they're at actual size and need to be printed on a widebody printer. We take them to our local FedEx Kinko's and get them printed in black and white for around $10 per large page, but any print shop with a 30" or wider printer in-house would work. Cut-n-Paste arenas are in pieces that you will need to cut out and sticky-tack or tape them to the table at the right distances to create the arena. These are sized for US Letter paper, but should have enough margin to fit on A4 as well. (Don't let Acrobat resize them!)

Because many of these arenas have been released at multiple scales, the descriptions use a new abbreviation to separate real-life inches from Car Wars ones. 1" means one actual inch, while 1 cl indicates 1 car length, or a scale inch. (This is more of an issue in the instructions for setting up the Cut-n-Paste arenas than it is on the website.)

Blank Map Sheets

Full Size

Elko Dueltrack

Elko Overview

Elko Dueltrack is a scale model of Elko Speedway. It's a 3/8 mile track with banked corners, a paved escape road, and a center area for those figure 8 races. The gate to the pits is not shown in this picture, but it's at the end of Turn 2 (the NE corner).

Full Size

  • Elko Info and Counters, including some extra info about Elko, special race types, and counters for Flagpole races. (44 KB PDF)
  • Elko at 1x, with turn markings and pit gate. (24 KB PDF)


All Cut-n-Paste Elkos include the extra duel rules and counters.

Killebrew Memorial Dueling Arena

Killebrew Overview

Killebrew Memorial was built in 2049 during a revival of AADA-sanctioned autoduelling in Minnesota. It was built in the remains of the Mall of America, which was abandoned during the Food Riots and then was home to cycle gangs. SPARK sponsors and helps maintain what has become their home arena. It's named in honor of Harmon Killebrew, a Hall of Fame baseball player for the Minnesota Twins back in the 20th century. The arena is built on the site where the Twins used to play. A chair from the old Met Center is hung from the pillar in the center of the arena.

Killebrew can be used in many different ways. The center can be 1 cl above the rest of the arena, flat, or recessed to create a large water pit. When flat, the center can be covered in flaming oil. Killebrew can also be flooded and used as a small boat arena.

Full Size


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