Speed Limit at Elko Dueltrack

Duel Report submitted by Michael Miller


Jim's Headshot
Jim Beecher
Renee's Headshot
Renee Holly
Mike's Headshot
Mike Miller
Odie's Headshot
Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Flip's Headshot
Christian "Flip" Nelson
Brian's Headshot
Brian Strassman
Becky's Headshot
Becky Teed

We welcome Renee to our crazy group of Car Wars Duelists!


Standard SPARK Racing rules were used for design. Vehicles were spaced out around the arena and started at 0. First vehicle to 5 laps wins!


Walkarounds: Mike had a sloped, streamlined electric luxury with smallbore R. (He was using the General Lee MM-size car we bought off of EBay, thus it's the "General Lux".) Brian had a sloped and streamlined electric lux with turreted smallbore. Jim had an electric Formula One with no weapons. Becky's Sprint included an electric engine and a laser F. Odie had an electric Sedan with turreted smallbore. Renee had an Indy car with a sponson turret L. Flip's design was confiscated by the track officials. Naturally everyone had spoiler and airdam.

As everyone got up to speed, Brian went to work on Mike's rear. Before Mike was able to finish his first lap, his driver was injured and had to surrender. On the other side, Becky and Renee were laying into Odie's vehicle.

Unfortunately, this is where your intrepid reporter wandered off and now I don't remember what happened well enough to write the play-by-play. As you can see from the scoring and pictures, Jim won. Renee was only a phase or three behind. Brian was third and Flip was still running. Becky and Odie were both destroyed and then rammed the wall and confettied. Mike surrendered before finishing a lap.

Congrats to Jim on winning this year's big race!

Final Scoring

15Jim BeecherLaps: T8P4, T12P4, T16P3, T21P2, T25P3
24ReneeLaps: T8P3, T13P3, T17P3, T21P5. Killed Odie (shared with Becky).
34Brian StrassmanLaps: T8P4, T14P1, T18P3, T22P5. Surrendered to by Mike, Killed Becky.
43Christian "Flip" NelsonLaps: T11P5, T16P5, T22P2
52Becky TeedLaps: T11P2, T16P1. Killed Odie (shared with Renee), Killed by Brian.
61Eric "Odie" O'DeniusLaps: T8P4. Killed by Renee and Becky.
70Mike MillerSurrendered to Brian.

Vehicle Designs

040424 55K Lux w/GG by Brian Strassman
Luxury; Ext Hvy chassis; Heavy, Active suspension; TCat PP w/HDHTMs, OD; 4 PR Slicks. Driver. Gauss Gun w/10 shots (Turret). 2 Spc. Turret; Link (GG/HDHTMs/OD); HD Shocks; HRSWC; Spoiler; Airdam. 194 pts. Plastic (F42, R40, L40, B40, T27, U5); 2x2 pt. Hubs; 2x2 pt. Guards. Cost: $53,498; Wgt: 6,342; HC: 6 (7); Top Speed: 202.5 (135, 222.5); Accel: 15 (30, 10).
ESG Labs General Lux by Michael Miller
Luxury; Ext Hvy chassis; Heavy, Active suspension; ThunderCat PP w/HDHTMs; 4 Hvy Duty Slicks. Driver w/Impact Armor. 6xPD Discharger (F, 2xL, 2xR, B); RR w/5xHESH, 5xHEAT, Rotary Mag. IFE; Anti-Lock Brakes; HD Brakes; HD Shocks; Safety Seat; 4xLink (L Dischargers, R Dischargers, RR-HDHTMs, everything); 4xBT (F, L, R, B dischargers); HRSWC; Spoiler; Airdam; Roll Cage. 177 pts. FP Plastic; 2x10 pt. FP Hubs; 2x10 pt. FP Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. CA (driver). Cost: $53,613; Wgt: 6,600; HC: 6 (7); Top Speed: 197.5 (132.5); Accel: 15 (30).
Fast and Left Wing Furious by Jim Beecher (run by Renee)
F1/Indy; Ext Hvy chassis; Racing suspension; TCat PP w/PCs, HDHTMs, OD; 4 Solid Radial tires. Driver. RL w/10xAP (L Sponson) LGLed to TL (L Sponson). 2 Spc. Sponson (L); HRSWC); HD Shocks; Spoiler; Airdam. 107 pts. Plastic (F25, R20, L31, B31, T0, U0). Cost: $50,840; Wgt: 4,800; HC: 7 (8); Top Speed: 235 (155, 255); Accel: 15 (30, 10).
Race King Survivor (No Weapons variant) by Jim Beecher
F1/Indy; Ext Hvy chassis; Racing suspension; TCat PP w/SCs, HDHTMs, OD; 4 Solid Radial tires. Driver. HD Shocks; Link (OD/HDHTMs); Spoiler; Airdam. 101 pts. LRFP (F22, R31, L31, B17, T0, U0); 4x9 pt. LRFP Hubs; 1x9 pt., 2 spc. LRFP CA (driver); 1x9 pt., 8 spc. LRFP CA (PP). Cost: $51,336; Wgt: 4,799; HC: 7 (8); Top Speed: 237.5 (157.5, 257.5); Accel: 15 (30, 10).
Zap N' Run by Becky Teed
Sprint; Ext Hvy chassis; Racing suspension; Super PP w/PCs, SCs, HTMs, OD; 4 HD FP Slicks. Driver. Pulse L (F). HRSWC; HD Shocks; No-Paint Windshield; Anti-Lock Brakes; 2xLink (L-HTMs, L-OD); Spoiler; Airdam. 170 pts. LRFP (F38, R40, L40, B40, T6, U6). Cost: $45,625; Wgt: 3,839; HC: 7 (8); Top Speed: 157.5 (117.5, 177.5); Accel: 10 (15, 5).


The Remains of Odie
The Remains of Odie
Before Becky hits the wall...
Before Becky hits the wall...
...and after.
...and after.
Will he make it?
Will he make it?
I guess so!
I guess so!
Renee was so close!
Renee was so close!

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