Division 10 at New Boston

Duel Report submitted by Michael Miller


Jim's Headshot
Jim Beecher
Pete's Headshot
Pete Jansen
Mike's Headshot
Mike Miller
Odie's Headshot
Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Brian's Headshot
Brian Strassman
Becky's Headshot
Becky Teed


Standard SPARK Dueling Rules. New Boston's tire shredders were turned off for this duel.


I don't have everyone's sheet and I forgot the book of forms at home, so walkarounds aren't available. There was one trike (Jim) and an assortment of smaller cars. (It is Division 10, after all.)

Since there were six of us, that was perfect for New Boston. We each picked a gate and lined up on the number. (I need to fix Printable New Boston to have shorter gates and a start line inside them.)

Everyone headed out from the gate and almost everyone took the corridor down into the center. Odie takes advantage of the curving corridors to shoot Brian with his flamethrower. Brian starts on fire at the end of Turn 2, and he has no fire extinguisher. He continues on, however.

In the Middle

Pete and Jim hang out on the outside while everyone else heads towards the middle. Odie and Mike face off first, with Odie sideswiping Mike, bumper-triggering Odie's flaming oil and also causing Mike to sideswipe the wall.

Brian's been lining up to follow Odie but can't without getting into a serious ram with Mike, so he turns towards Pete's incoming car. Mike rear-ends Brian, setting off Mike's bumper-triggered Heavy Rocket. Becky comes through the middle after this and heads back out to get Jim.

Say goodnight, Brian

Pete and Mike take some shots at Brian, but they don't get any credit for them. Why? Because Brian's luck finally runs out, and his car explodes from the fire. (T7P5)

Pete continued on into the middle and wound up ramming the TV bunker. Mike, going at 5 MPH after all the rams, decides to try to take out Pete's tires and gets one of them. Pete fires back, giving Mike plenty of fire mods to worry about as well as blowing off a tire. Jim, Becky, and Odie are all circling around on the outside.

Jim and Odie head back into the middle. Odie shoots Mike's front then rams him, and with his front armor gone and gas engine heavily damaged Mike surrenders. (T9P3)

Pete vs. Odie

Odie and Pete face off with their flamethrowers. Pete sets Odie on fire while Odie blows off Pete's second tire for the mobility kill. (T12P1)

Becky's Ram

With his shots blocked by the center pillar and Mike's vehicle, Jim heads back to the outside then takes the quick turn back into the middle. Becky works her way back into the middle and winds up ramming Odie's damaged front, but it doesn't finish him off. Odie turns to run while Becky continues on after Jim. They meet up in the corridor for some mutual destruction: Becky destroys Jim's engine (T14P1) while Jim blows off Becky's second tire (T15P1) and then she surrenders after she is breached. (T17P1).

Away from the duel and unable to get back in time before his vehicle will be destroyed by the fire, Odie surrenders to Pete. (T17P1)

The End

That leaves 1 person left who can affect the duel: Pete! While he's stuck in the middle, he can still see Jim's backside. Unfortunately, none of Pete's shots that hit were enough to break through Jim's armor and do internal damage. With everyone left mobility killed and out of ammunition or targets, the duel ends. (T25P5)

With two and a half kills, Eric "Odie" O'Denius is your winner!

Final Scoring

13Eric "Odie" O'DeniusSurrendered to by Mike, Killed Brian, Mobility Killed Pete. Surrendered to Pete.
21Pete JansenSurrendered to by Odie. Mobility Killed by Odie.
21Jim BeecherKilled Becky. Mobility Killed by Becky.
4-1Becky TeedMobility Killed Jim. Killed by Jim.
5-2Brian StrassmanKilled by Odie.
5-2Mike MillerSurrendered to Odie.

Vehicle Designs

040522 10K Mid-Size w/ATG by Brian Strassman
Mid-Sized; Standard chassis; Heavy suspension; Medium PP w/SCs; 4 HD tires. Driver. ATG w/10xAPFSDS (F); SD w/10xCatalytic Spikes (B). SWC; Link (ATG-SD). 123 pts. Plastic (F40, R20, L20, B39, T2, U2); 2x2 pt. Hubs; 2x2 pt. Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. CA; 1x10 pt., 4 spc. CA. Cost: $9,998; Wgt: 4,571; HC: 3; Top Speed: 90; Accel: 5.
2054 Rhode Island SLE by Eric O'Denius
Subcompact; Ext Hvy chassis; Heavy suspension; 50 cid engine w/BP, Turbo; 4 Gal. Racing Tank; 4 HD FP tires. Driver. FT w/10xHT (F); 3xFOD (R, L, B); 2xFD (T). SWC; 4xBT (FODs, FT); 2xLink (both FDs, all FODs); HD Brakes. 114 pts. Plastic (F40, R20, L20, B18, T6, U10); 2x6 pt. Hubs; 2x6 pt. Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. FP CA. Cost: $9,970; Wgt: 2,760; HC: 4; Top Speed: 60; Accel: 5/10.
ESG Labs Small Package by Michael Miller
Compact; Standard chassis; Heavy suspension; 100 cid engine w/4 Gal. Racing Tank; 4 PR tires. Driver. MG w/20 shots (F), HR (F) w/BTC and BT; Stickyfoam Discharger (B). Link; FE; Roll Cage. 127 pts. Plastic (F: 25 R: 31 L: 25 B: 26 T: 5 U: 15); 2x10 pt. Hubs; 2x10 pt. Guards; 1x10 pt., 2 spc. CA. Cost: $9,992; Wgt: 3,566; HC: 3; Top Speed: 62.5; Accel: 5.
Killer Turtle by Becky Teed
Compact; Ext Hvy chassis; Heavy suspension; Medium PP w/SCs; 4 PR tires. Driver. VMG w/20xHD (F); Flaming Oil Discharger (B). 27 pts. Metal and 120 pts. Plastic (F: 6/30 R: 5/25 L: 5/25 B: 5/30 T: 3/5 U: 3/5). Cost: $9,982; Wgt: 4,440; HC: 3; Top Speed: 92.5; Accel: 5.
Trike d'Ouvreur de Bidon by Jim Beecher
Medium Trike; Ext Hvy chassis; Heavy suspension; Large Cycle PP w/PCs, HTMs; 3 Solid tires. Driver. Recoiless Rifle w/16xHESH, 1 Mag (L). Single-Weapon Computer; Roll Cage. 22 pts. Metal and 35 pts. Plastic; 2x4 pt. Hubs; 1x5 pt. Guards; 2x20 pt., 2 spc. CA. Cost: $10,000; Wgt: 2,505; HC: 2; Top Speed: 90 (67.5); Accel: 5 (10).


In the Middle
In the Middle
Say goodnight, Brian
Say goodnight, Brian
Pete vs. Odie
Pete vs. Odie
Becky's Ram
Becky's Ram
The End
The End

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