Division 60 at Almost Aladdin's Castle

June 26, 2054 - Division 60 With Checkpoints - Almost Aladdin's Castle
Duel Report submitted by Michael Miller


Jim's Headshot
Jim Beecher
Chris's Headshot
Chris Campbell
Renee's Headshot
René Holly
Pete's Headshot
Pete Jansen
Mike's Headshot
Mike Miller
Flip's Headshot
Christian "Flip" Nelson


SPARK Dueling Rules, with Checkpoints as tiebreakers and special monetary awards. No dropping weapons within 1/2cl of a checkpoint.


The duel went fairly well. We got rolling around 2 PM, which when combined with the length of our typical duel nowadays has spawned some talk of moving our official start time back to Noon. Everyone ran around tagging checkpoints until Chris happened to cross Flip's front and get blasted by Flip's 5 laser guided rockets. People did some criss-cross-crash action in the middle of the arena until Flip was finally mobility killed by both Jim and Pete in the same phase. At this point Jim had to leave to babysit. Chris took over for Jim and the duel continued. René took out Flip's Cupola, making him unable to do any more damage and thus completing the kill. Coming around the outside, Mike had a shot with his sponson at Jim's tires (Jim was down a wheel already). Mike took the shot and with a bit of luck mobility killed Jim. As agreed when we let him replace Jim, Chris surrendered on Jim's behalf.

It's down to Pete, René, and Mike, all of whom were heading towards the same checkpoint. René and Mike traded shots; Mike sent damage internal through her metal armor while she almost took out one of my tires. Pete is now coming out between us. We knew from earlier that Pete had a CA frame, so Mike took the risk and t-boned him, and Pete surrendered. René and Mike continued to trade shots as Mike headed up to the final checkpoint (she had already hit it). We traded tires, mobility killing René and leaving me down a wheel location and skidding into the corner of the arena. With our final shots, René blew off my other front wheel (getting a mobility kill) while Mike shot through her weakened back and killed the driver.

However, the post-duel inspection came up with some vehicle problems. After talking with Odie, we decided that Mike should be DQed and the others weren't severe enough to warrant DQ. René wins her first duel!

Final Scoring

106René HollyCompleted Kill on Flip, Mobility Killed Mike. Killed by Mike.
201Christian "Flip" NelsonKilled Chris. Mobility Killed by Jim and Pete; Completed by René.
3-1 1/2;4Pete JansenMobility Killed Flip (split with Jim). Surrendered to Mike.
4-1 1/2;1Jim BeecherMobility Killed Flip (split with Pete). Mobility Killed by Mike, Surrendered to Mike.
5-22Chris CampbellKilled by Flip.
DQ00Mike MillerMobility Killed Jim, Surrendered to by Jim, Surrendered to by Pete, Killed René, Sole Survivor.
DQed because his pickup had a three space Rocket Platform.

Vehicle Designs


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