Division 45+15 in the Western Suburbs (City Blocks)

July 17, 2054 - Division 45+15 - Western Suburbs (City Blocks)
Duel Report submitted by Michael Miller


Jim's Headshot
Jim Beecher
Chris's Headshot
Chris Campbell
Renee's Headshot
Renee Holly
Pete's Headshot
Pete Jansen
Mike's Headshot
Mike Miller
Odie's Headshot
Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Flip's Headshot
Christian "Flip" Nelson
Brian's Headshot
Brian Strassman
Becky's Headshot
Becky Teed


SPARK Standard Dueling Rules with a variety of additions! In this duel, each duelist gets a pickup and a cycle.

Your first vehicle must be a Pickup or Extended Cab Pickup. The vehicle must be able to carry the second vehicle (a cycle) in its cargo area. Stored cycles require (Cycle Spaces + 4) spaces in the pickup's cargo bed. You get $45,000 to spend on your pickup, and up to $1500 may be carried over to the cycle.

Your second vehicle must be a Medium or Heavy cycle and may not have a sidecar. Your cycle can face forward or backwards in the pickup bed (important for damage allocation). You get $15,000 to spend on the cycle plus any carry over.

The cycle may not be intentionally shot at by anyone while the pickup truck is active, and is considered to be protected from burst effects and dropped gases unless the truck armor is breached. It is subject to damage from rams/rolls/collisions, internal fire, internal weapons damage, explosion, and confetti. If the truck starts on fire and the truck's extinguisher puts out the fire, the cycle is also no longer on fire.

When the pickup truck surrenders or becomes a completed kill, the truck is inactivated and the cycle may now move and fire. Leaving the bed is a drop of 1/4" using the jumping/falling rules. If the cyclist leaves while the pickup is not a kill (perhaps because the truck is about to be fatally rammed) the cycle cannot fire until the truck is eliminated or the team is disqualified. The cyclist is still considered to have entered combat and may be killed for points. A player is not eliminated until both vehicles are lost.

$75,000 per entered team.
$3,000 for each mobility or completed kill.
Full rebate of cycle cost if the pickup isn't a completed kill/surrender at end of duel. This applies even if the cycle is damaged.

Surrender Rules Update
A vehicle may surrender when it is breached. Kill points are given to the team or teams that fired on the breached side that phase. You must announce this surrender at the end of the phase in which you were breached. You only have the opportunity to surrender for a breach once per facing.

  • A facing with only plastic or composite armor is 'breached' when all of the plastic is destroyed.
  • A facing with only metal or no armor is 'breached' the first time damage goes internal.
  • A cycle's left, right, top, and underbody count as one facing that can be breached. If it has a Cycle Windshell, it is 'breached' when the windshell is destroyed. If it does not, it is 'breached' the first time damage goes internal from one of those four sides.


Final Scoring (Pending Vehicle Checks)

15Jim BeecherPickup Mobility Kills Pete's Cycle, Pete's Cycle Surrenders to Pickup, Pickup Killed Brian's Cycle, Pickup Mobility Killed Chris' Pickup, Chris' Pickup Surrenders to Cycle.
Pickup Mobility Killed and Completed by Chris' Pickup.
24Christian "Flip" NelsonPickup Mobility Killed Becky's Pickup, Becky's Pickup Surrenders to Pickup, René's Pickup Surrenders to Pickup, Pickup Killed Becky's Cycle, René's Cycle Surrenders to Cycle.
Pickup Surrenders to Becky's Cycle, Cycle Surrenders to Chris' Pickup.
3 (tie)2Brian StrassmanPete's Pickup Surrenders to Pickup, Mike's Pickup Surrenders to Pickup, Pickup Killed Mike's Cycle.
Pickup Mobility Killed by Mike's Cycle, Pickup Self-Inflicts Completed Kill, Cycle Killed by Jim's Pickup.
3 (tie)2Becky TeedOdie's Pickup Surrenders to Pickup, Flip's Pickup Surrenders to Cycle.
Pickup Mobility Killed by Flip's Pickup, Pickup Surrenders to Flip's Pickup, Cycle Killed by Flip's Pickup.
3 (tie)2Chris CampbellFlip's Cycle Surrenders to Pickup, Pickup Mobility Kills Jim's Pickup, Pickup Completes Kill on Jim's Pickup.
Pickup Mobility Killed by Jim's Pickup, Pickup Surrenders to Jim's Cycle.
60Mike MillerPickup Mobility Kills Odie's Cycle, Odie's Cycle Surrenders to Pickup, Cycle Mobility Kills Brian's Pickup.
Pickup Mobility Killed by Brian's Pickup, Pickup Surrenders to Brian's Pickup, Cycle Killed by Brian's Pickup.
7 (tie)-4Pete JansenPickup Surrenders to Brian's Pickup, Cycle Mobility Killed by Jim's Pickup, Cycle Surrenders to Jim's Pickup.
7 (tie)-4René HollyPickup Surrenders to Flip's Pickup, Cycle Surrenders to Flip's Cycle.
7 (tie)-4Eric "Odie" O'DeniusPickup Surrenders to Becky's Pickup, Cycle Mobility Killed by Mike's Pickup, Cycle Surrenders to Mike's Pickup.

Vehicle Designs


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