2058 Schedule and Circuit Standings

SPARK 2058 Schedule

and Location
April 5
2 PM
Universe Games
Club Dueling Championship
Division 30 at Killebrew Memorial
Mark Mitchell
May 10
2 PM
Universe Games
Division 25 in the Rainbow Bay Blast Furnace Brian Strassman
May 30
2 PM
Universe Games
Division 5 Pro (7.5) in the Double Drum Christian "Flip" Nelson
July 12
2 PM
Universe Games
Division 60 at Hammer Downs Christian "Flip" Nelson and Mike Miller
August 9
2 PM
Universe Games
Division 40 Race at the Airship
4 Laps
Christian "Flip" Nelson
August 15
Noon-4 PM
Gen Con Indy
Huntin' and Killin' With Jimbo and Ned
(Names not recorded, sorry!)
September 13
2 PM
Chaos Games
Division 25 Duel at Aladdin's Castle Pete Jansen
October 11
2 PM
Chaos Games
Division 15 Over and Under at the Arches Brian Strassman
November 8
2 PM
Chaos Games
Division 30 at the Macon Duel Extravaganza Christian "Flip" Nelson
December 13
2 PM
Chaos Games
Division 40 Offroad at the Tri-City Offroad Arena Eric "Odie" O'Denius
Gray indicates non-circuit events.

Except as noted, all SPARK events use the rules listed on the Info page.

Circuit Standings

1. Christian "Flip" Nelson26 3 ½871
2. Brian Strassman1792385
3. Eric "Odie" O'Denius15111272
4. Pete Jansen141214 ½74
5. Mike Miller1412½174
6. Mark Mitchell111501 ½86
7. Tony DelVecchio4220121
8. Sue2240110
9. Matt1250111

Older Circuit Scores and Duel Reports

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